Central Committee of Coordination: This time in Ramadi: a Foretold Slaughter

A statement issued by the
Central Committee of Coordination to Support the Iraqi Uprising
This time in Ramadi: a Foretold Slaughter
The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki -as well as his military commanders- publicly threatened this time to carry out a massacre in Ramadi using the same pretext that was used to justify the massacre of Hawija; where victims' blood is not yet dry and who were slain by Maliki's forces at dawn last Tuesday.

Against the backdrop of a set-up clash between unidentified gunmen, later confirmed to be military intelligence, who roared around the sit-in protest in Ramadi on Saturday morning, April 27, 2013, and clashed with an unknown group, killing and wounding a number of individuals from both sides.
Maliki forces stationed in Ramadi gave a 24-hour time limit to deliver (the killers of the soldiers) which ends at dawn, Sunday April 28th, otherwise they'll storm the sit-in protest square under the pretext of searching for (killers). One of the commanders said, and I quote (we will burn the tents on their heads and set them all on fire). These threats came from the Prime Minister and military commanders after re-stationing unusual military crowds some time ago, which reinforces the fact that there is a deliberate plan for military aggression against the sit-in protests one after the other.
The leaders of demonstrators condemned the perpetrators of this crime on the spot, accusing Al-Miliki government to stand behind it, and pledged to do their utmost to cooperate with the judicial authorities to find the criminals and hand them over to the judiciary
 As a Central Committee of Coordination to Support the Uprising in Iraq, we strongly warn Maliki and his militias and their leaders of committing the crime stated and calls on all honest people in the world at the same time to do everything in their power to stop these series of criminal slaughter of civilian protestors, who are only demanding their basic rights of a free and dignified life
We also call upon the international community represented by the United Nations, especially its representative in Baghdad, Mr. Martin Kobler, international bodies, human rights organizations and governments around the world not to keep silent before the crimes against humanity that are being committed in Iraq, and to put pressure on the Tehran regime to desist from sending mercenaries and criminals into Iraq to kill its peaceful citizens.
The criminal mafia-regime installed by the Government of the U.S. occupation in the Green Zone in Baghdad is committing massacres in broad daylight, does not hesitate to announce them in advance, and is dragging the country into bloody vicious wars serving their masters in Tehran. The Committee also holds the American Administration fully responsible for the consequences of events in the occupied Iraq.
We call on Mr. Martin Kobler to carry out his obligations as an international representative, and his moral commitment to stop this planned crime that is awaiting the heroic city of Ramadi, otherwise, he bears part of the responsibility of silence on the horrific massacre and other crime that would be committed by the Safavid militias
God save Iraq and its people, Allah is the greatest, pride for Iraq, and may victory for the patient and steadfast Iraqi people prevail.

The Central Committee of coordination to support the Iraqi uprising
April 27 / April 2013

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